The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Without Power

Cooking without power is not very difficult. If we talk about the past when electric appliances such as microwaves, toasters, ovens, blenders, and sandwich makers were not invented. 

At that time people still cooked tasty meals. It means you can also do it. It is a misconception that without power you can only cook with the grill or a campfire. 

You should always be ready to tackle any difficulty. You should prepare your emergency stove so that whenever a power outage occurs you will never be left hungry. 

You should learn all the best methods for cooking without power. In this article, you will find all such methods that will help you to face the situation when you have to cook without power.  Most methods that are going to be discussed in this article can only be done safely outdoors. 


This is a traditional way to cook food outside. You must have some experience with the campfire method. If you don’t have any idea then I will tell you. You should practice this method because this is a successful way of cooking without power.

  • First, you should clear a round area and ensure only dirt is left behind.
  • Now surround your selected area with bricks, rocks, or stones.
  • You can use leaves and pine needles as fuel in the center of the round area.
  • With the help of sticks and twigs, you can make a teepee-like structure in your selected area. 

This method of cooking without power makes it possible that you will make different dishes like roasting your food or cooking in a pot. If we talk about making soup then you can use a tripod and set it over the fire and hang the pot of soup over it.  

You can easily bake your potatoes by this method, you have to do only one thing, wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and place them at the base of the fire. 

After cooking your food you must put out your campfire completely. For this purpose, you have to drown it with the help of water. Lastly, you have to use soil and mix it with ashes and ambers. 

By touching the ground, if it is cool then you have to do nothing. If the ground is too hot then repeat the process. If you miss any amber then it may be possible that the fire will start again. 


In case, your power goes out for a long time then you can also use your fireplace for cooking purposes. Although you are cooking indoors this method of cooking is similar to the campfire. 

  • You need a cooking grate and place it into the fireplace. So you can easily set your pots, skillets,  plans, or food wrapped in aluminum foil. 
  • The next step is putting the fire logs in the fireplace and lighting them. Now you can cook your food easily.
  • When you are cooking food at your fireplace then you must be careful because a slight mistake can cause a fire in your home. 
  • When you are cooking indoors then you must use maple, oak, and hickory woods.  These choices will burn longer and create less smoke. 


If Power went out for a long time and you have a backyard or garage then your problem is solved you can set up a grill at that place. If you have a gas-powered grill then you can also use them as a charcoal or wood-burning grill. 

First, you need to set the charcoal or wood inside your grill and after that lighting, this heat is enough for cooking your food in a better way. 


If you have a portable stove and the power went off. In that case, this is a great way of cooking.  You can easily use such portable camping stoves because you can take them outside and cook what you want.  

You need propane cylinders for cooking on portable stoves. You can buy a portable grill that has a push button and you can easily fold it into a compact size.  

Such grills have wheels and handle so you can move them easily.  These stoves are made from cast iron and porcelain. That’s why they are very durable and you can easily clean them. But these grills are very expensive.


If you are looking for something better than portable propane stoves then butane stoves are a good option. These stoves are much larger than a big textbook. 

You can cook anything on it. If you place this stove near an open window then you can safely cook indoors with it. The only downside is they need more fuel than propane stoves. 

It means these stoves are best for short-term cooking such as camping trips. You can’t use them for a long time.


These mini stoves are very attractive and as the name shows, they can fold up.  This feature makes them different. Because of their lightweight, you can take them on your camping trip. These stoves don’t get as hot as other stoves.

 The fuel gel of these stoves can last about 2 hours. If you have a catered event then you can use them to keep your platters of food warm. These stops are used for boiling water and heating food and even frying eggs.  

One thing you should keep in mind is that you can’t use folding stoves for cooking raw meat. It is better to use these stoves in a well-ventilated area. If you are using folding stoves then you must place them near an open window to avoid any sudden calamity. 


As you know propane-butane or can’t heat can be running out so you can consider a solo stove. This store is portable and you can use leaves, twigs, pine cones, and small pieces of wood for running it. If you don’t want to use fuel then you can use a solo stove. 


This kind of stove is very old-fashioned but they are a great option. You can use these stoves not only to cook food but also be used to keep your home warm.

Some wood-burning stoves are only designed for heating rooms and not for cooking. But if there is a power outage then you can still use them for cooking purposes. Carefully set your pots and pans on the top of the wood-burning stove and start cooking.


This stove has a chimney-like structure of bricks. There is an opening at the bottom of the stove.  We can say that this is another type of wood-burning stove.  

It is like changes if we talk about the working of the store. The Fire starts at the bottom and gradually the heat travels up to the chimney of the stove.  

Eventually, the heat reaches the pot or pen that you said on the top of the stove.  This kind of stop is a very efficient method of cooking. The interesting thing about this method is that you can easily construct your own rocket stove. 

Its biggest advantage is that it can create a large amount of heat by using a minimal amount of fuel. This is because the chimney of the store traps all the heat and makes it hotter for cooking food. 

By using a rocket stove, cooking without power becomes easier and you can cook your favorite food on it.

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This is another way of cooking food without using power. Sunlight is used as fuel to cook food in a solar oven and no additional fuel is needed for cooking purposes. 

Solar ovens are available at very low prices for anything you want. If you are living in such an area where fuel is insufficient then this method is perfect for you. 

Most solar ovens contain a thermometer,  a dehydrating rack, a baking tray,  a carrying bag, and two Silicon pots.  There are different sizes of solar ovens available. You can choose the size of the oven according to your needs. 


Traditionally kerosene heaters are used for keeping your home warm.  They have not been used to cooking food.  But in case of a power outage, you can use it for cooking purposes.  

Before using, make sure the kerosene heater is heated up enough. When the top of the heater is hot enough then you can easily boil water, heat a can of soup or make coffee. For cold areas, this heater is an ideal option. 


You will be surprised to read that you can use the motor of your vehicle to cook food.  You can use this method for outdoor cooking. This method of cooking is very easy. 

You have to turn on the car and allow the engine to run for some time.  Now prepare your food by wrapping it in aluminum foil.  Now place the food on the motor car when the food is cooked. You can remove it from the car and turn off the engine. 

You can use this method of cooking food when you don’t have any other option because this way of cooking can waste a lot of gasoline. 

Tips When You Are Cooking Without Power

The following tips are very helpful when you are cooking without power.  You should follow them to be safe during the cooking process.

  • First of all, you should practice enough before using the cooking method without power.  Many things may go wrong so you should practice making yourself ready. 
  • Before cooking, by using the above cooking methods, you must clean your meat or fish and wrap them in non-toxic leaves. After wrapping the meat, tie the leaves with the help of some vine or cordage. In this way, the taste of the fish will become better and the skin will be protected from burning.
  • When you are cooking without power then you must keep the lids on your pans and pots. It will help to cook your food faster at a lower heat of the fire. 
  • When you are cooking indoors and using the folding stove or butane or propane stoves then make sure the smoke does not accumulate. 
  • You must use high-quality cookware such as cast iron so it will last a long time. 
  • When you are cooking your food without power then you must be careful and keep an eye on the fire or grill. If you go inside and don’t pay attention then an accident may happen. 

Handy Tools For Cooking Without Power

Following are the tools you need when you are cooking without power.


You must have a grill set that contains tongs, skewers, a cleaning brush,  a spatula, a cleaning brush, a temperature fork, and an aluminum case.


For a campfire, you need this grill because it will hold your pot and pans over the fire. 


This kit contains a non-stick pan, a non-stick pot, 2 bowls, a soup spoon, a cleaning sponge, a wooden spatula, and a drawstring pouch. 


A non-stick cooking surface of a cast iron skillet makes cooking easier for you. 


When you are roasting marshmallows or hot dogs then you need skewers. 


 You don’t need soap for cleaning cast iron cookware. By using a brush and hot water you can easily clean cookware.


You can purchase a fishing pole for cooking hot dogs and marshmallows. You have to hang your food over the fire by using a fishing pole.


Phone drilling cheese sandwich or any other kind of hot sandwich you need a fire iron.  Just put your sandwich inside and hold it over the fire. After a few minutes, your food will be ready to eat. 


A lid lifter helps to remove the lid without burning.


During cooking without power then you must use a lid stand. The lid of the pot should never touch the ground otherwise it could get dirty. 

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